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 Pressure-treated Wood Fortress Fence Build


Custom wood, Composite and Vinyl Fence Builder

A strong beautiful fence will add value and functionality to your property. Not only does it provide privacy and security, it outlines and defines your property with class. Keep your kids and pets secure while keeping uninvited guests and wildlife out. 

At A Better Landscaper, we build the sturdiest, best-looking fences around, hands down. Our most popular wood fence is the Fortress, otherwise known as the Good Neighbour fence. Our Fortress fences are tightly screwed with 78 ACQ screws per eight-foot section, we install a top rail, bottom rail, and middle strapping for the strongest fence possible. Our post-holes are dug down three feet and we use 2 - 3 bags of concrete each to ensure the stability of the fence for years to come. We can even custom build a section to fit around a tree limb so it doesn’t have to be cut down.

All our wood gates are custom-built to fit and match our fences. We can even personalize it with little extras like gate inserts or aluminum pickets so you can see through. 

If wood isn’t your cup of tea, we can also install ornamental fences. They cost a bit more, but give you the rustic look of old-world charm without the weight or rust of wrought iron. Stone posts added every few sections can really up the curb appeal. These fences are beautiful and stylish with no-maintenance and are perfect for high-end homes or acreages.

Another choice that is becoming more popular is the vinyl fence. It is favoured for it’s beauty, privacy and again, no maintenance, other than the occasional hosing to remove dust and dirt. Almost all wood-alternatives are low or no maintenance, and do not warp, shrink, or fade.

We have over thirteen years of experience building fences of all kinds. Each and every fence we’ve ever built is still standing. Do not trust your job to a beginner. Please see our extensive gallery for pictures of our past fence jobs. We’re sure you’ll find something you like.

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The Importance of Real Property Reports

When building a fence it is extremely important the fence is built on the property lines. If the fence is placed incorrectly the City may require you to pull it down when you go to sell your house. Make sure you have a Real Property Report with a City compliance stamp for us prior too construction.