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Retaining Wall Builders

Retaining walls & Graden walls that are built to last

As we are highly experienced Retaining Wall Builders in Calgary are walls are both decorative and functional and can be made of pressure-treated wood or stone block, depending on its purpose. A fence built on top of a wood retaining wall is an effective way of raising the back yard and offers better privacy than a fence alone. A stone retaining wall makes a very attractive planter or can be used to level out steep properties. Either way we our construction services will build you a strong and solid product that will withstand the pressures of weight and weather the worst storms. 

Our expertise as a retaining wall contractor ensures that you get proper drainage in your retaining wall to prevent water build-up that can cause damage. Add a little grandeur to your yard while increasing your property's value and appeal. Are stabilizing structures built to stop erosion and the downward movement of soil on a slope. Retaining wall construction builds walls in a way that redistributes the pressure that comes from the sloping ground. The popular materials we use for our retaining wall builds are, precast stone, natural stone and pressure treated wood

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